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Sly and the Family Stone


A Family Affair

A Family Affair


In July 1970 Sly and the Family Stone were to appear at a free concert in Grant Park in downtown Chicago. While waiting for Sly to arrive a riot broke out. 150 people were arrested, 25 were injured including 10 policemen. I remember it started to get really crowded and disorderly…people fighting and throwing things as well as each other. The crowd I was with decided to leave. We started running down Van Buren Street. I turned around to see where the others were and I was shocked to see the tremendous crowd running behind us. By the time we reached Goldblatts Dept store…I heard a loud crash. Someone had broken the big window of the store. That scared the hell out of me! We broke out running and did not stopp until we got to the El on Dearborn. I had no idea of the magnitude of the situation until I got home and watched it on the news. That was one of the scariest experiences I ever encountered. I always thought Sly never showed. But recently I learned that Sly was there and ready to perform…but once the crowd became unruly…Sly was afraid to come out and perform. All that for naught!


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